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Cash for Your Car or truck

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Kelly Car Buyer, Auto Dealers  Used Cars, Frankfort, IL
Kelly Car Buyer, Auto Dealers  Used Cars, Frankfort, IL

We buy junk cars in Arlington Heights for several reasons, not the least being the town’s affluence.  The junk cars and trucks that we get from that market are generally in better shape. Plus, they have better resale value if they can be repaired.  They are worth even more generally because the parts in the car have been maintained better.   Other vehicles in other markets tend to be a little more abused.

Junk Your Truck in Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights is the 13th largest city in Illinois according to the last United States census. Technically, Arlington Heights is a village in Cook County with a population of 76,000 people. With today’s pick-up truck market we are seeing more and more trucks that are being scrapped than we did years ago.  The dollar value of junk cars is generally higher than cars because of the sheer weight of a truck.   We are happy to take into account the additional weight for your truck if it’s time to get rid of your old truck.

Junk or Salvage Cars

Junk cars have a variety of uses once they are sold to us. We buy junk cars in Arlington Heights because of the ease of getting to the village.  The other reason is the number of the different partners we have in the area.  Because of those numerous partnerships, we can get buyers to bid on your car or truck.  Competition for your vehicle will get you more cash for your car every time.  If a junk car market is dominated by one major junk car buyer, they can bid low because they know they will eventually get your car.

The Best Time to Get Your Junk Car Picked Up

Kelly Car Buyer offers a unique service that asks you what the best time is to pick up your junk car.  We have various partners all over Greater Chicagoland that can get to you almost anytime.  Our drivers don’t like to pick up cars after nightfall but we have picked up junk vehicles as early as 6 am.  Call us today at (888) 308-0091 to get rid of your unwanted vehicle.  Or you can click here and fill out our form so that we can offer you the most money possible.