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Kelly Car Buyer, Auto Dealers  Used Cars, Frankfort, IL
Kelly Car Buyer, Auto Dealers  Used Cars, Frankfort, IL

Are you looking for people that buy junk cars in Chicago? We’re here!  Kelly Car Buyer is in their 11th year buying cars in Chicago.  My father worked as a policeman but with 6 kids, needed to find more money so he bought this little gas station.  Then dad started buying and selling cars from his Shell gas station back in the late 50s.

He didn’t do it at the scale that we do nowadays but he would buy a car from someone in the neighborhood who was selling their car or truck and in between pumping gas (those days every gas station pumped the gas for you along with checking your oil and  washing your windows) he would make minor repairs and detail the vehicle.  It wasn’t called detailing but I do remember him using Armorall or a product like that as he made the tires shine and simonized the body before putting that for sale sign on it.

Buying and Selling Cars in Chicagoland

Today we’ve outgrown the corner gas station.  We have the internet and digital properties to market for us.  Pay per click advertising put us in front of consumers but our most important asset is that you pay a fair price and pick the car up on time.  We are the people that buy junk cars in Chicago. We buy dozens a week in Chicago.  We are the folks who will buy any type of junk car or truck.

Why We Buy Trucks and Cars in Chicago

Buying cars and trucks in Chicagoland is a service we can be proud of. The keys to buying vehicles in Chicago centers around integrity. It starts with paying a fair price.  Then you have to transfer the title and finish the paperwork efficiently.  The last is to provide first-class customer service by picking up the vehicle on time. Chicagoans will appreciate the service because it is so scarce these days.  We have dozens of five-star reviews because we make sure to do what we say we’re doing when purchasing any type of car or truck no matter what shape it’s in. Call us today at (888) 308-0091 or click here to submit a form to tell us about your vehicle.  We look forward to serving you.